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G-Type Houschka Pro & Rounded font families

Fontworks News Page


7.8.07 Heinemann Educational Fonts released

heinemannfontlogo_53 Heinemann Fonts

Fontworks are delighted to be the exclusive distributor of the new Heinemann font range. The Heinemann fonts were initially developed by the in-house design team at Heinemann in an attempt to find the perfect font for use in early primary reading books and literacy products. The fonts were developed in partnership with children, literacy advisers, teachers of special needs + dyslexia and primary school teachers. Available in 2 OpenType families.

11.7.07 New Virus Fonts releases, book and exhibition

The Virus Foundry:

Virus Fonts, fresh on the heels of the recent Doublethink release, unleash their latest offering Sarcastic. If you can't make it to the "Friendly Fire" retrospective exhibition at London's Design Museum (runs to October 10th 2007) then you can console yourself with the new 'Barnbrook Bible', an exhaustive 320 page hardback overview of the Barnbrook Studio's creative outpourings.


Tuesday 21st March

HamburgerFonts (Click for full listing).

Fontworks UK announces the addition of the HamburgerFonts foundry, which is a small type foundry based in the north of England producing original and contemporary fonts for Mac and PC. The foundry name is a reference to an anglicised version of the word 'Hamburgefons', popularised by type specimen books in the 1970's, and used as a string of characters to determine the look and feel of a desired font. HamburgerFonts is run by UK-based typographer and graphic designer Stuart Brown who has been designing digital typefaces and letterforms since the late nineties. Stuart develops fonts commercially, alongside digital lettering and custom typography through the HamburgerFonts foundry.

Wednesday 8th February

Device Fonts: Ten Year Itch

Device Fonts: Ten Year Itch 1995-2005 (Extended European Remix)
Device Fonts publish a retrospective

Device Fonts is 10 years old, and to commemorate the event a new brochure featuring 114 brand new designs was released in 2005. The UK and European version is now upon us. Expanded to 160 pages, this 228mm x 147mm paperback has been updated to include Collection 8 -"Zephyrmen". With a foreword by Erik Spiekermann and an introduction by Rian Hughes himself the book showcases the work of one of the most exciting and innovative type designers and illustrators working today.

Softback copies of the book are free to UK customers when spending over £99 (excluding VAT) on Device fonts from Fontworks, or are available to buy individually at £9.99 each. A very limited edition embossed hardback version, numbered and signed by Rian, can be purchased at £19.99 (excluding delivery) while stocks last. Contact us by email: sales@type.co.uk for more information, or go to the contact us page.

Click here for a press release giving more details.

Thursday 10th November


Temporary Type // Fourth Annual St Bride Conference 10-12 October 2005
Fontworks co-sponsored last month's Friends of St Bride Library Conference in London with a theme of "Temporary Type". You can read a review of the event here.

Copies of the limited edition booklet are available to buy from Fontworks at £5 (excluding delivery), or are free of charge when ordering any House font pack (while stocks last). Contact us by email: sales@type.co.uk for more information or go to the contact us page.

Tuesday 4th September

Archive Type

Announcing Archive Type

Archive Type specializes in old typefaces found in old prints, books and samples. The fonts, with the imperfections from years of good service all perfectly preserved, bring a 19th century typography to the digital age.

Friday 26th August

Ascender Corporation

Ascender & Microsoft System Fonts

The Ascender Corporation has been authorised to produce and distribute the core Microsoft fonts such as Verdana, Tahoma and Trebuchet. Fontworks are now able to offer these faces to our customers.

Microsoft's fonts are highly regarded for their on-screen quality and extensive character sets. Microsoft selected Ascender because of their years of font development and licensing expertise, and their ability to maintain the integrity of Microsoft's type designs and font software quality. Now for the first time these fonts are being made available. Ascender has also made many of these fonts available in the PostScript format for the first time. These fonts will also be appealing to IT managers who want to standardize on certain fonts for their enterprise in all font formats.

Tuesday 24th May

Wiescher Design:

Introducing Wiescher Design

We're delighted to unveil yet another top drawer collection at Fontworks: the type creations of Munich based designer Gert Wiescher. Wiescher may be known to some of you as the guy behind Bodoni Classic (previously featured in the FontFont Library) which has now been expanded to include new Swash and Deco weights. His Copperplate revisions receive similar treatment, however Wiescher is no one trick pony and has produced a wonderfully diverse selection of scripts (Giambattista, Scriptissimo, Squickt), display types (Barracuda, Cassandra, Scirocco) and very versatile text families (Monem, Mondial, Edito) with a great range of weights; none more so than the legible ELA which comes in sans, serif and demiserif variants, ideal for magazine design and even corporate usage.

Monday 28th February

Red Rooster Type Collection:


To tie in with the Chinese year of the rooster we are offering Red Rooster type foundry families online at a 30% discount. Start browsing here.

Friday 13th August

The Virus Foundry:


Designed by Jonathan Barnbrook and Marcus McCallion Olympukes is a series of 'real' pictograms for the Olympics. Due for release on the occasion of the Athens Olympics 2004, here they present some thoughts and feelings on why it was necessary to design Olympukes:

"Designing the Olympic logo and the associated pictograms is seen as one of the ultimate graphic design jobs. In line with a lot of thinking of the studio, we wanted to subvert that idea and offer an alternative voice to the glorification of the event. Like all creative fields, graphic design does not just consist of large companies working on 'international' projects, but includes a large yet often marginalised subversive element. We wanted to make clear the importance of creating and defending a dissenting and critical voice".

"Further, the world has moved on dramatically since the ideals of the Olympics were first introduced, and there has been a real failure acknowledging this. There have been numerous instances involving the bribery of judges, doping scandals, political boycotts and terrorism. Intertwined with these large and dramatic events exists some of the more amusing human stories. We wanted to discuss both these aspects of the Olympics and their effect on people's lives".

Please note that Virusfonts is in no way affiliated or have received any endorsement from the International Olympic Committee, the Organising Committees of the Olympic games or any National Olympic Committee.

Take a look at the .pdf file to see the full set available.

**PLEASE NOTE** To take advantage of this font for commercial purposes you will need to purchase a licensed version.

Download a free copy of this font:
Apple Mac version - 769k
PC PostScript version - 542k
PC TrueType version - 513k

Monday 12th July



Our type.co.uk worker bees have been busy of late adding more quality collections to the website for you lucky people to buy. First up is the high quality Lucasfonts library, a superb collection of alternative sans serifs (Corpid, Sun, Spiegel) perfect for Corporate Identity and publishing purposes. Most families feature an extensive range of weights plus Caps and Condensed variants. Check out the amazing 30 weight OpenType version of contemporary sans face Taz III. The library also includes the most extensive family in the world, the legendary Thesis typeface; many of you will be familiar with TheSans, TheSerif and TheMix (144 weights!) but take a look at the beautiful and more traditional serif derivative TheAntiqua, in particular the wonderful lighter weights.

Download a free PDF copy of our Lucasfonts Booklet.

Monday 12th July

Red Rooster Type founders:


A large and varied type collection of historical significance is now at your fingertips. Featuring digital interpretations of classic Les Usherwood (Stanhope, Lesmore, Goudy 38), Stephenson Blake (including Eric Gill's Jubilee) and Ludlow types, the Red Rooster collection also includes modern favourites like Shinn Sans by Nick Shinn and Steve Jackaman's popular Glasgow face. Start browsing here.


Thursday 27th May


To highlight the expanding Alias range we have made available a 376k sample PDF to our downloadable PDFs page.

Wednesday 28th May 2003


To highlight the expanding Alias range we have made available a 376k sample PDF to our downloadable PDFs page.

Wednesday 28th May 2003

Paralucent Stencil
Rian Hughes has added three Stencil weights to his versatile Paralucent family, as well as re-structuring the existing packages of weights to encourage the use of the Italic versions.

Thursday 15th April 2003


New Alias Fonts from Fontworks

Gareth Hague has expanded his wonderful ALIAS type collection with the introduction of six brand new families, distributed exclusively in the UK by Fontworks.

The Alias library already contains high-profile classics such as 'Elephant', 'Sister' and 'Metsys', favourites with magazine designers and publishers, and these new additions are sure to boost the foundry's popularity still further. The diversity of styles on show in the new typefaces is testament to Hague's typographic skills.

Wednesday 14th May 2003

virus fonts:

Jonathan Barnbrook has released Infidel, a font set that comes with four alternate versions for each letter for you to mix and match and create beautiful slogans. If you would like to see samples of his fonts you can download the virus fonts PDF .

Tuesday 29th April 2003

The GType Foundry:

For reasons best forgotten we neglected to inform regular readers of this section of the release of Chevin by Nick Cooke's G-Type foundry. Recently expanded to 12 weights as it now includes italic versions, Chevin is a wonderful rounded typeface named after one of Cooke's local beauty spots. Equally at home in body text, display and especially signage, check it out by viewing the CHEVIN PDF .

Monday April 28th 2003

Ündt TypeFaeces:

Introducing Ündt TypeFaeces:

Welcome to Ündt TypeFaeces. The foundry features the dark, humorous and sometimes difficult type designs by Marcus McCallion. This award-winning designer studied graphic design at Nene College, Northampton (1990-92) before embarking on his freelance career. He enjoys working for a number of clients - including his current employment with Jonathan Barnbrook (Inoui id, roppongi hills) and is art director for Loca Records (locarecords.com). Ündt has produced custom type for a variety of companies, including MTV, Nickelodeon and TWB. See Also: Ündt TypeFaeces' Website .

Tuesday April 22nd 2003

Elsner + Flake:

New Fonts from Elsner + Flake

134 new fonts in addition to 2686 existing ones are available now from Elsner+Flake Design Studios. Most of the fonts are based on handwritten typefaces such as EF ABCSchrift, EF BasisSchrift and EF Elysa with its numerous swash characters by Hans Eduard Meier, EF Optiscript from KomaAmok and EF Suetterlin from Manfred Klein. Viktor Kharyk, a Russian Designer who has lived in Germany for two years, has produced EF Kiev, EF Lanzug, EF RoseGarden and EF ViktorsRaven. A 535k sample PDF has been added to the list of downloadable PDFs from our site.

EF Tilp Serif, EF Bank Gothic and picture fonts such as EF Autograph Sketch, EF Optiscope, EF BuchZeichen, EF FlyingOpArt, EF PoetConcrete and EF StarsNSpirals add a broad variety to the 2003 Update.

Friday January 31st 2003
eCDs Get your faces immediately: eCD of Linotype Library favourites for instant download. eCDs™ are digital versions of Linotype Library CD collections available in MAC, PC and Hybrid versions.

Friday 24th January 2003

The Fathom Foundry: Darren Scott Typographics:

Fontworks are pleased to announce the inclusion of two more Type Foundries to our Digital Retail site. A debut collection by Anthony Roberts, director of Manchester design agency, Fathom, as well as an introductory collection of quality typefaces by Darren Scott, Senior Designer and Typographic Consultant at McCann-Erickson Manchester. Follow the links above to view the full range.

Friday 17th January 2003

Development Of New Corporate Fonts For Citroën

Fontworks UK Ltd, Europe’s leading type and custom font services supplier, has completed the design and production work on a set of new corporate typefaces for Citroën. The new fonts have been introduced across a wide range of media including national and regional press, television and internet to inject fresh impetus into Citroën's branding campaign, particularly for the new 'C3' and 'C8' vehicles. The new typeface was developed by Fontworks' Special Projects Team in partnership with Andy Breese, senior typo at Citroën's London advertising agency Partners BDDH. Breese drew up the original concepts which required Fontworks to produce a unique, engraved style font with real presence. A major requirement was that it should have high visibility numerals for use in Price advertising which comprises a substantial part of the Citroën business. Three weights (Roman, Bold, Extra Bold) were created together with an Alternates set incorporating non-lining numerals. The end result is a fresh, open, highly legible typeface that has greatly enhanced the Citroën brand. "I am extremely pleased with the finished typeface", comments Breese, "and have had a very positive response from everyone I have spoken to at Citroën. It was a highly enjoyable process working to this end and as a result I would not hesitate in recommending Fontworks. I look forward to working with you guys in the future." Other recent custom work by Fontworks includes fonts for Freeserve, Nicorette, Transport For London, Vauxhall and Scottish Power.

For press enquiries please contact Joe Graham (020 7226 4411 or joe@type.co.uk .)

Tuesday 11th June 2002

The GType Foundry:
Following the success of his Precious Sans family Nick Cooke has now introduced the Serif version. Follow the link above, check the New Releases, or contact our sales department sales@type.co.uk .

Wednesday 6th March 2002

Virus Foundry:
Spearheading a reacquaintance with Jonathan Barnbrrok's virus foundry come four new font families. These are Coma, Echelon, Expletive Script and Melancholia and are available to buy online (Mac format). For PC availability please contact our sales department sales@type.co.uk .

Wednesday 20th June 2002

Identikal Family Foundry:
We are delighted to announce the release of 12 new font families from the ground-breaking Identikal Corporation's "Family Foundry" vehicle. Innovative faces such as 'Sharp', 'Phat', 'Rayzor', 'Seize' and 'Kneeon', inspired by the club and underground dance music scene, set new standards in contemporary type design. All typefaces are exclusive to Type UK.

Friday 6th April 2002

Linotype Library:
We are pleased to announce the inclusion of the Linotype Library on the Type UK Digital Retail site. Included in this section of the site are fonts from Adobe, ITC and Fontek. Here you will find many of the industry staple fonts and many pi & symbols sets.

Tuesday 6th March 2002

Shinn Type Foundry:
We are proud to present eight new typeface families, the first offering from the Shinn Type Foundry.

All these typefaces are innovative designs by Nick Shinn, with full character sets and kerning available for both Mac and PC. 

Wednesday 19th July 2001

Club 21 Foundry:
Julian Morey's Club 21 collection of stencils, dot matrix, modular and signage fonts have now been added to our Digital Retail system and can be purchased online. A 4 page feature on Club 21 is to appear in the forthcoming issue of PAGE magazine.

Wednesday 19th July 2001

The Berthold Foundry:

Berthold Releases a New Berthold Exklusiv: Whittingham

H. Berthold have announced the release of Whittingham, a new Berthold Exklusiv typeface designed by Günter Gerhard Lange, renowned master craftsman and exclusive artistic consultant to Berthold, and his colleague Dieter Hofrichter, also a Berthold Exklusiv designer (Vergil).

Whittingham is a rendition of the type used around 1840 by Charles Whittingham, founder of the Chiswick Press in Birmingham, England. The Chiswick Press was one of the most successful commercial printing houses of the 19th Century. Berthold's Whittingham retains characteristics of the Modern typefaces, like Bodoni and Walbaum, from the 18th Century, yet introduces a steel engravers' appearance - especially in Whittingham's italic weights - similar to the other examples of 19th Century Scotch types (e.g. Pica Roman No. 2, Scotch Roman, Caledonia).

G.G. Lange and Hofrichter began developing Whittingham in 1992, and recently completed the family. They chose this typeface particularly for its distinguishing characteristics from other revivals of the same period. As with each Berthold Exklusiv, Whittingham was subject to multiple trial settings, submissions of enlargements and reductions, and numerous revisions. G.G. Lange and Hofrichter's minute examination of every graphic nuance results in a finely tuned, new serif face.

Guenter Gerhard Lange to Receive the Coveted TDC Medal

On June 2, 2000 the Type Directors Club of New York announced that internationally acclaimed type designer Guenter Gerhard Lange will receive the Medal of the Type Directors Club, which is awarded in recognition of outstanding contributions to typographic excellence. The TDC will present the coveted TDC Medal to Lange in September 2000 at the Association Typographique Internationale (ATypI) conference in Leipzig, Germany.

Wednesday 19th July 2001

Emigre New Release: Solex by Zuzana Licko

Licko's first release in 2 years and yet another name using her favourite letter X (Elektrix, Lunatix, Matrix, Triplex Roman, Variex). Fellow Emigre contributor John Downer (Triplex Italic, Brothers, Council, Vendetta) says of the family:

"It is a more conservative and studious exploration of the industrial sans serif genre and its past than she has undertaken before. Inspiration for Solex reportedly came from two principal sources: Alternate Gothic and Bauer Topic. Furthermore, Solex revisits postmodern themes seen in Erik Spiekermann's digital milestone, Meta Sans, and its cousin, Officina Sans.

In both Licko's and Spiekermann's designs we find a measure of rigidity, linearity, and noncalligraphic monotone. Indeed, Solex even shows faint signs of going in the direction of Matthew Carter's series, Bell Centennial, with respect to the narrow (almost trapezoidal) bowls, slimmed interior strokes, and pronounced traps. All the same, Solex has a look of its own in text settings, and it will likely find a place for itself among numerous other condensed grotesques in the years ahead".

Friday 17th March 2001

The Dalton Maag Foundry:
The latest addition to Type UK Exclusives is the Dalton Maag collection from Bruno Maag & Ron Carpenter, select the link above for a listing. There is also a Dalton Maag PDF @ 42k that has been added to the list of downloadable PDFs from our site.

Wednesday 19th January 2001

An interview with Tobias Frere-Jones of Font Bureau has been added to the Exclusive Interviews section.

Monday 17th January 2001

The Jeremy Tankard | Typography Foundry:

We were proud to stage a pre-Christmas lecture from Jeremy Tankard, creator of 'Bliss' and one of the UK's leading type designers.

Read more about the event.

Thursday 13th January 2001

A Nick Shinn Type PDF @ 726k has been added to the list of downloadable PDFs from our site.

Wednesday 4th January 2001

The Berthold Foundry:

Chicago, Illinois (January 4, 2000) - Today Berthold Types Limited announced the appointment of Guenter Gerhard Lange as artistic consultant to Berthold Types. Under this long-term arrangement, G.G. Lange will develop and design new typefaces exclusively for Berthold Types. In addition, G.G. Lange will guide the direction of the Berthold Exklusiv Collection.

With the appointment of G.G. Lange, Berthold Types is releasing its first "GGL Exklusiv": an enhanced version of G.G. Lange's acclaimed Imago series. This new release adds bold and bold italic weights as well as small caps and old style figures for the entire weight range of Imago.

As H. Berthold AG's artistic director from 1961 to 1990, G.G. Lange was responsible for the creation, meticulous production standards and attention to quality found in each of the Berthold Exklusivs. G.G. Lange's type designs include his classic revivals: AG Book, AG Old Face, Berthold Garamond, Berthold Baskerville Book, Berthold Bodoni Old Face and Berthold Caslon Book; as well as his original designs: Arena New, Boulevard, Champion, Concorde, Concorde Nova, El Greco and Imago. G.G. Lange's skill and craftsmanship elevated Berthold's type program producing one of the most significant libraries in the world.

After 10 years of retirement from his position as Berthold's artistic director, G.G. Lange's reunion with Berthold Types will provide an indispensible element in the continued development of the Berthold Exklusiv Collection and solidify Berthold's position as a leading type foundry.

Berthold Types is the legal successor to H. Berthold, the highly regarded German type foundry. The H. Berthold foundry, founded in 1858, is renowned for crafting high quality typefaces. Berthold Types continues this tradition and offers one of the world's leading type collections, the Berthold Exklusiv Collection, which consists of 800+ quality-crafted typefaces created under the guidance of G.G. Lange. Berthold Types is located in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. For more information, send eMail to sales@type.co.uk .

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