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Dalton Maag Effra Std font family

Fontworks News Letter
On Line Versions:

Fontworks Newsletter | December 2002

Our last missive of 2002 is short and sweet as we know you'll be too pre-occupied with drinking, merry-making and trying to snog Jane from Accounts to bother with any communication from us! We'd like to take the opportunity anyway to thank all our friends and valued customers for your business this year and to wish everyone a very merry Christmas. Here's to a wonderful 2003.

Please note that Fontworks will close for Christmas on Friday 20th December, re-opening on Thursday 2nd January. You will of course still be able to purchase and download a vast array of fonts online at www.type.co.uk during the holiday period if necessary.

At long last! Nick Cooke's popular sans face NUBIAN , originally released as a 5 weight family by Cooke's G-Type foundry in 1999, now has an accompanying set of true italic weights. Nubian, exclusive to Fontworks, has gained a reputation as an elegantly proportioned, crisply modern sans serif and the italics complement the uprights perfectly.

- NEW G-TYPE PDFs; download now!

We have recently boosted our haul of free downloadable PDF booklets and flyers by adding 4 new G-TYPE documents: Houschka , Houschka Alternates , Precious & Nubian . Files can be viewed and output or if you'd like printed originals please let us know by e-mailing sales@type.co.uk and we'll pop them in the post.

Our one man font encyclopedia is back again to amaze you with his roving typographical eye!

A new feature of these newsletters will be a regular"Font In Focus" and how apt that to kick things off, at a time when you're knee-deep in Christmas cards to sign and tags to affix, we bring a truly wonderful "handwriting" font to your attention. Nick Shinn's ' Handsome ' family, in the designer's own words, is "the only typeface in the world that looks like nice, ordinary, fully cursive handwriting. Handsome was designed to look real by avoiding a number of pitfalls of "handwriting" fonts that are supposed to look like ordinary writing but don't. Handsome is neither too slick and professional, nor too punky scrawly. It's fully cursive and wanders quite a bit from the baseline, so it doesn't look like type. The choice of pens is another unique feature".

Download a ShinnType PDF

It's not too late to pick up Linotype's 50 font Christmas CD package for 49 GBP ex VAT. A hybrid CD with a great selection of seasonal symbols, calligraphic, text and display faces for all your holiday printing needs! Call 020 7226 4411 or e-mail sales@type.co.uk to place your order.

Happy Christmas!

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Hoplight font by Robbie Smith


DST Dobra Slab font family

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